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About the Artist

Joe is a graduate of Georgia State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in drawing, painting and printmaking. Since graduating he has been working as a Graphic & Web Designer in Atlanta and also a freelancing illustrator and painter.


Joe loves of all things comics, he's been reading them since he could read and drawing them since he could hold a pencil, and is a huge fan of DC Comics®. The toys which clutter up his many bookshelves are proof of that. He has also been an avid fantasy reader and huge fan of The Wheel of Time® since he was thirteen.


Joe is an attending artist at the JordanCon Art Show since its inception at JordanCon 4, which lead to him becoming a licensed Wheel of Time® artist. On top of selling his work at Jordancon every year he also works with Taveren Tees, collaborating with several other artists on various projects.


In November 2015, Tor released the Wheel of Time® Companion which will feature Joe's Painting For Owyn depicting a scene from The Eye of the World.


You can also listen to his The Wheel of Time reread podcast starring his friend Jono, himself, and his brother Tom at tWoTcast dot com...


...or watch his youtube channel Where he and his best friend Kenny talk about and review every episode of Batman the Animated Series, right about here.

Advent of Cataclysm

hey! my buddy Dominic M. Pileri wrote a book and i provided the cover. If you like military sci-fi check it out. He worked on it for years and it was worth every minute. Support his hard work and buy my friends book! enough yelling. link is over there somewhere >>>


Tungsten Spider: Advent of Cataclysm Book One


Staff Sergeant Ramsey and the soldiers of Bravo Company are caught off guard by a sudden invasion from the Axi. The Axi have managed to attack the harsh, desert world of Col from across the galaxy, without the use of any stellar fleets. Ramsey is caught in a battle for survival, while simultaneously trying to organize his poorly trained and ill equipped unit.


Hellick Primus has left his family behind to serve his nation in the "liberation" of Col. As an Axi non-commissioned officer, he is now responsible for the safety of another family- the troopers of his squad. Hellick quickly discovers that the swift occupation they were promised has turned into a desperate battle for survival against an increasingly clever opponent.As the skirmishes turn to drawn out battles and the members of his squad become wounded or killed, Hellick grapples with the nagging question, "Why are we even here?"


In war, there are survivors and there are the fodder. There are no heroes. There is only the living and the dead. War is not fair. War is hell. Which side will you choose?

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