Last Battle Flag Series

i was going for kind of a more graphic image with this series so i put the main three taveren on top of their flags with a theme of the last battle. i decided to depict scenes i loved from book fourteen. rand inexplicably lighting the pipe, mat fighting with the heroes of the horn coming down from the clouds without him having blown the horn of valere, and perrin killing slayer in the dream world and in reality as both the wolf and his human form. Later i continued it with five more characters most of which don't really have flags so the idea sort of got away from me, haha. so anyway more scenes from book fourteen i loved. thom guarding the cave entrance at shayul ghul and stuffing bodies behind rocks, egwene's soul floating on a wave of light, moiraine entering the tent at merrilor with thom, lan fighting beneath his banner, and finally nyneave in the cave at shayul ghul.

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